Park Han Byul’s Style

25 Mar

Actress / model Park Han Byul is well-known for her good fashion sense. Here are some photos from the events she attended.

Park showing off her long, slender legs in shorts while attending a Nike event.

She is seen here at the premiere of her movie “Destiny” in yellow.

Still managing to look stylish and hot even when she’s all covered up at the BON fashion show!

At the recent press-con of her movie “My Black Mini-dress”, she can pull it off well even with a simple dress.

Here at the premiere of “My Black Mini-dress”. She looks a bit pale here cuz I think she just recovered from flu. Poor girl. I do hope she has lots of rest.

We rarely get to see Park Han Byul covering her legs. It’s too bad but I’ve got to say that I totally dig her shoes!!

Park Han Byul at the press-con of her drama with Choi Si Won & Chae Rim “Oh My Lady!” Darn!! I wonder where she got all those shoes from…come to think of it…I like all the shoes that she wears.


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