Park Han Byul & other celebs

29 Mar

Park Han Byul with one of her close friends, SES Eugene. They had acted together before in the 2009 movie “Yoga School”.

(26 more pics)

With another SES member, Bada.

Park Han Byul & Cha Ye Ryun

Park Han Byul & Seo In Young

In 2004, Park Han Byul was the MC for SBS Inkigayo with Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan.

With MC Mong (Darn!! Her eyes are super bIG!!)

Park Han Byul with Lee Seung Gi

Park Han Byul with her co-star Yoon Eun Hye┬áin the recent movie, “My Black Mini-dress”

Park Han Byul with Song Ji Hyo in 2003, when they appeared together in the horror flick “Wishing Stairs”.

With actresses Kim Hee Sun & Ji Yeon in the 2003 drama “My Fair Lady”.

Invited to Kim Hee Sun’s wedding in 2007, where her bf Seven was the guest singer at the wedding.

2NE1’s Sandara Park with Park Han Byul

With Big Bang’s G-Dragon

With Bae Doo Na & Lee Min Ki

Park Han Byul with Lee Min Ki & Lee Da Hae

Park Han Byul for Nike’s Run with Park Soo Jin, Lee Young Eun & Kim Sung Eun


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