Red Carpet-Black Mini-Dress

7 Apr

Actress Moon Geun Young showing off her slender legs at the 46th Baeksang Arts Awards wearing a black mini-dress with a “tail” behind.

( 6 more pics)

Newly-wed Han Ji Hye at the press-conference of one of her dramas.

Han Ji Hye again, this time appearing more sexy and showing off her backĀ  at the 2008 MBC Drama Awards.

Model & actress Park Shi Yeon at the 2007 SBS Drama Awards.

Go Ara at the 45h Grand Bell Awards. She looks super tall here and I think it’s a bit obvious that she padded her front. Hmm….could have been better.

Min Hyo Rin is so far the best among celebs who walked the red carpet in a black mini-dress. Short & sweet.

The ever happy-looking Lee Yoon Ji at the 2008 MNET Summer Break 20’s Choice.


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