Hilary Duff’s Style

9 Apr

Fashionista Hilary Duff is always looking great on the red carpet. Here are some photos of her attending several events from which you can see the good fashion sense of our dear Hils.


( 9  more pics)

The all-smiley Hilary Duff showing off her curves at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards just a few days before her wedding with Mike Comrie.

Back in 2007 at the world premiere of her movie “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”. She was a little bit too skinny back then to the point of looking pale and unhealthy but I do like her look much better now.

Chic and stylish at the “Celebration of Heart Ronson Collection”. Adding the scarf makes the plain top looks much better.

The black and white gown kinda match her pale skin and her dark hair here.

Another gown worn by Hilary but as compared to the previous pic, she looks radiant and glowing here at the 1st Annual Global Youth Award where she presented Miley Cyrus with an award.

At the Teen Vogue Party in 2007

Judging by the color of her hair, I think she was filming the movie “War Inc” at this period of time when she attended the 2006 Bogart Children Choice Awards.

Sweet in a red dress…

Even when performing, trend-setter Hilary is still clad in a cool outfit while performing her song “Wake Up” live.


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