2NE1 & Jeremy Scott

10 Apr

American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, recently has been spending lots of his time with korean girl group 2NE1. He did a  Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot with them and he also made a guest appearance on korean Project Runway with 2NE1’s CL. 2NE1 attended Jeremy Scott’s Adidas party back in April 2010 and later that same year, Jeremy Scott attended the 2010 Style Icon Awards with 2NE1 and even presented them with an award. His friendship with CL is once again shown through 2NE1 YG TV where CL when to meet Jeremy Scott in LA to hang out.

Jeremy Scott Adidas party back in April 2010

CL & Jeremy Scott on Project Runway.

CL with Jeremy Scott in LA

2NE1 and Jeremy Scott at the 2010 Style Icon Award, wearing his creation

Jeremy Scott & 2NE1 for 1st Look Magazine

Jeremy Scott lent support to 2NE1 when they performed at Times Square in New York on the 12th of December 2011.











Singing a birthday song for Perez Hilton


Jeremy Scott presenting an award to the girls


2NE1 YG TV (eng sub)


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