Hwangbo’s Style

5 May

Hwangbo making an appearance at the 2007 Converse event showing off her own cool style.

(10 more pics)

At Park Youn Soo’s fashion show…and that’s a wig on her not her real hair by the way. Hwangbo always has her own style to show be it if people criticized her or not and that’s why I love her.

Attending an ex-Chakra member’s wedding (I think it’s Lee Eun) in Jan 2009.

This pic too was taken in 2007 if I’m not mistaken.

I wish she could have let her hair down here. She would look much better:)

I think blonde softens Hwangbo’s features and make her look especially lovely.

At the release of her pictorial for Starhwabo.

Attending a wedding early this year. But I don’t know..don’t kill me but I feel like what she wears is a bit like office wear minus the shorts.

Ah!! and of course I always think she looks radiant here maybe cuz of too many reasons. Haha…

Another cool-looking Hwangbo at the 2008 Style Icon Awards. She kinda gives off a very charismatic feel here.

At the 2008 Korea Cultural Awards where she was presented with an award for Best Dancer by DBSK.


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