Avril Lavigne in Casual Wear

9 May

Avril at the “Dry Land” premiere dressed simply in shirts and pants. See more of her pics in casual wear below.

(12 more pics)

At Abbey Dawn fashion show

Avril at the 2006 Kids’ Choice Awards

Avril during her “Under My Skin” album promotions in 2004, still with her tough and “angry/ rebellious” image.

Avril looks so pretty here at the NY fashion show in 2006. She looks like a barbie doll:) A punk rock one.

At the Race to Erase event. You wouldn’t see her pose with her legs crossed a few years back…she’s so much more feminine now:)

Attending the MTV Video Music Awards im 2003, just a year after she debut.

Avril at the Maxim’s Annual Hot 100 Party in a vest and red shoes with pink bow??!!

At the 2003 Kids’ Choice Awards, giving photographers a scary stare. Plus, she looks like a vampire here…with that hollow look and pale skin.

And…a really beautiful Avril here. She looks like a perfectly sculptured model here with sharp nose, big eyes, perfect jawline…

In Melbourne, Australia for the 2007 TV Logies Award

Clad in black from head to toe, Avril posed for the red carpet here with a smile.

Avril at the Fuse Top 20 Countdown this year, going for the punk look that she’s so well-known for.


One Response to “Avril Lavigne in Casual Wear”

  1. Moníca December 6, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    I lov dis website! I dress just like her almost all da time! Now I get better pic’s of her!

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