Lindsay’s Style

12 May

Lindsay used to have a good stylist cuz she used to dress so well unlike now. Seen above is Lindsay in a silver, glittery dress posing at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, just a few hours before she was arrested. Lindsay please pull yourself together…your a talented person and it’s such a waste to see you spend your time in and out of rehab and prison:(

(11 more pics)

She looks so beautiful here at the premiere of her 2006 movie with Chris Pine “Just My Luck”. Back when her career was still in full swing….

At the 10th Hollywood Film Festival

Hmm…I think she looks a bit like Paris Hilton here don’t ya think so?

I fear for Linday’s dress. It doesn’t look secure…and it’s too loose on her.

This is the look of the Lindsay that I love. Tidy and confident and happy.

CFDA award

Dress..ok…face…hmm…looks a bit drugged and like just out of bed…

At the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards where she performed her song “Confessions of a broken heart”.

At the 2005 MTV Movie Awards which she hosted alone

From blonde to black at the 17th Kids’s Choice Awards

Looking glamourous at a birthday party which she attended


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