Oh Yeon Seo Part 1

12 May

I like Oh Yeon Seo. She is a good actress as seen through her movies and MVs that she appeared in and she is also pretty. Did quite a few CFs too. But I am still waiting since 2009 for her to have a breakout role that can further propel her career and popularity. So far, she never played any female lead role in dramas. Not even second female lead. Just side characters. Though she played quite a great role in the 2009 horror flick “Blood Pledge”, it’s still not the lead role. I really hope her agency will provide more opportunity to allow her to shine especially since she debuted in acting for a quite a while already(2005).

(see more gorgeous pics of the “Little Kim Hee Sun”)

Oh, if you think she looks familiar, she used to be in a girl group called LUV with Jeon Hye Bin &  Eun Byul but the group only lasted for a year (2002) before they were disbanded.

And if you don’t know LUV but still think she looks familiar, well…here’s some reasons why.

She did a CF with 2PM’s Nichkhun before last year.

She did a project once with Park Shin Hye for a cartoon movie.

And appeared in Big Bang’s Japanese single “With U” in 2008.

Appeared in 2AM’s MV “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”.

Did a Vonin  CF with So Ji Sub

Did Acuvue Lense CF with actress Lee Eun Song

Did modelling with Kim Rae Won before

So, you can see she worked with big stars before so why is she still pretty underrated??? hmm….


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