Hwangbo & other Celebs

19 May

Pics of Hwangbo with other K celebs. Seen here with the “reaction guy” from Strong Heart, Kim Yong Chul & Shinhwa’s Jun Jin.

(21  more pics)

The 3 close friends again!!

With V.O.S Kim Kyung Rok & Park Myung Soo

Kim Hyung Rok & Haha

Kim Kyung Rok

Kim Ji Suk

Lee Ji Hoon & Park Hyung Lim

With kpop queen Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori & Son Tae Young

With IRIS actress Lee Eun Jung in Hong Kong

With comedian Kang Ho Dong

Acting in a movie with Jo In Sung

Baby-faced Jang Nara & Park Jung Ah

At a radio show with IU, Kim Bum Soo & H-Eugene

With fellow Compassion member Han Hye Jin while visiting an old folks home

With her boss, Shimty & DJ Koo

Kim Na Young & Ahn Sun Young

Song Eun Ei & Ahn Sun Young & ???

With Kim Sung Eun


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