Park Han Byul’s Style

19 May

I think this is the last collection of photos of Park Han Byul attending events that I have. Well too bad then unless she makes more public appearance.

(14 more pics)

In a short, yellow flirty dress at the press-con of the release of her Starhwabo pictorial.

This dress actually doesn’t look so good on her. When I look at it, it just reminds me of an ostrich (I don’t know why:P)

Press-Con of Yoga School

Press-Con for Fantasy Couple. I remember cringing when I watched her act in this drama. But that was 5 years ago, hopefully her acting skills has improve tremendously.

Uh huh…her dressings look a bit weird here but can’t be blame cuz she was wearing it for the runway.

Her most recent public appeareance in slippers?

And finally, in something decent!



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