Ella Chen & other Celebs

29 May

S.H.E Ella Chen seen here posing with her co-star in “The Rose” Joe Cheng at a fan-meeting in Japan. Ella has a very outgoing and kind personality and that is the main reason why she has so many friends around her that love her.

(23 more pics)

Ella with the rest of the casts of “The Rose” in 2003 which includes her ex-bf Jerry Huang.

With her co-stars from the 2005 drama “Reaching for the Stars” which includes Anthony Guo.

With solo singer Tank

Fahrenheit’s Aaron with Ella posing for a selca

With her co-star in Hana Kimi Danson Tang

Other Hana Kimi casts like Jiro & Wu Chun

And JJ Lin

Jade Liu

With Taiwan’s top stars Jay Chou & Will Pan

Ella appeared in Power Station’s MV in 2009 here.

VJ Lin & Joe

With her co-stars in the 2009 drama “Down With Love” which includes Michael Zhang.

With China model & actress Chen Zi Han

With Judy Zhou

Yoga Lin & Ella


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