Lee Min Jung-Smile You

1 Jun

Smile You is a drama released in 2009 starring Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho as the leads. The story centers around Lee Min Jung’s character who was dumped by her husband just after her wedding when he learnt that her family went bankrupt. Thus, she and her family has to work hard and go through various obstacles to adapt to their changed lives. Lee Min Jung won the New Face Star Award at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards for her role in the drama as Seo Jung In.

Drama photoshoot:


Stills from the drama:

They exchanged vows, then…

Poor Min Jung was dumped at the highway~~Cruel, evil guy!!

She’s so cute even when she’s sad:)

Off-screen pics:

Lee Min Jung & Jung Kyung Ho on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate:

Singing “Way Back into Love” on the show:


Lee Min Jung & Jung Kyung Ho for Matiz Creative CF & promotions:

Smile You MV:


Matiz Creative CF:


Eng Sub interview of Lee Min Jung & Jung Kyung Ho (cute chemistry!!):



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