Cha Seung Won!!!

18 Jun

Right now, all I can think about in my mind is Cha Seung Won!!! Cha Seung Won!! I’m smitten over him, head over heels whatever you call it. Can you believe this sexy, good-looking man has a son my age!! But really, he is one in a million! He is handsome, tall and he is also a good daddy who loves his daughter & on a variety show declared his wife as the most beautiful woman in the world. After I read that, I desperately tried to find his wife’s pics but it’s quite hard cuz she’s a non-celeb. Oh to top it off…this guy is funny and cute too.  I saw the BTS for his current drama Greatest Love and he is sooooo cute when he made the mistake. And during the press-con of the drama, he made a lot of jokes so the atmosphere was light and friendly. Man….how come I wasn’t born 20 years earlier so I could marry him:p

(watch the cute BTS vid)

Check out 1:23


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