The Greatest Love/ 최고의 사랑

26 Jun

I LOVE this drama. Too bad it has just ended 2 days ago..I was hoping MBC would extend it. This is the drama that made me fall in love with Cha Seung Won. His character is kinda like Hyun Bin’s character in “My Lovey Sam-soon”, wacky..weirdo but hot and sexy!! The drama is about how Cha Seung Won’s character who is a short-tempered top star  eventually fell in love with a celebrity who is at the bottom end of her career but who is still trying all her best to earn a living. What makes this drama interesting is Dokko Jin!!! In my opinion, this is the Hong sister’s best drama ever!!! Must watch it as a stress-reliever:)

Drama posters:

Script Reading session:

The Greatest Love Press-conference:

The main cast Yoo In Na, Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin & Yoon Kye Sang

On-Screen Pics:

He looks so good in the above pic don’t you agree?!

Park Shi Yeon, Lee Seung Gi & Brian Joo made a cameo appearance in the drama…

Off-screen pics:

Celebrating Cha Seung Won’s birthday!


Drama’s Wrap Party, without Cha Seung Won & Yoon Kye Sang:(

Thump Thump MV:

The Greatest Love MV:



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