Heo Yi Jae’s Style

2 Jul

Although Heo Yi Jae has been absent from the entertainement industry for quite a while, let’s take a look back to all her past year’s attendance to events and see some interesting choice of clothes by Yi Jae:P

(22 more pics)

Two gorgeous people posed at the 2007 Andre Kim Best Star Awards wearing the late designer’s creations.

Heo Yi Jae at the screening of her movie “Da Capo” clad from head to toe in black.

Then, she attended the MANOUSH fashion show though her pants looks a bit like my jogging pants:P

I like this look on her especially the hairstyle. Reminds me of Han Ji Hye’s character in Sweet 18.

Heo Yi Jae was the celebrity guest at the opening of Samsung PAVV Baseball 2008 where she threw for Doosan Bears.

AND, I super love her here. She looks so elegant and beautiful and pure in that white dress:)

Attending the MCM Bag Collection…she still looks fine here but not the next pic though…

What is this dear Yi Jae??!! and what’s up with your hair?

Style is okay though grey is a bit boring on her. What isn’t okay is her face..it looks puffy…I remembered that when I first saw this pic I was so worried about her health.

At the BON Fashion show. Interesting choice of stockings…

At the screening of Kang Hye Jung’s film “Why Did You Come to My House”.

Though I think she is looking great here unfortunately she was listed as one of the Worst Dressesd at the 10th Jeonju Film Festival:(

3 celebs from Dongguk University attending the school’s ceremony to welcome new students.

Heo Yi Jae & the heavily pregnant Jung Hye Young posed together for Studio K.

At the wedding of one of the staff of Boundaries of Forest (Keyeast) where So Ji Sub was also present.

At the 2009 Seoul Fashion Show for LOTTE

And yet at another fashion show in which she looks super bored here!!


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