S.H.E & other celebs

2 Jul

Top stars mix around with top stars. See more pics of Taiwanese top girl group S.H.E hanging out with other celebs like WEi Bo (in the pic above).

(19 more pics)

S.H.E with Will Pan & Jay Chou.

S.H.E &  top male singer from Taiwan Jay Chou

S.H.E with Show Luo & Alien Huang

S.H.E & Andy Lau

A-Mei & S.H.E

Stefanie Sun, Wang Lee Hom & S.H.E

Model Lin Chi Ling posing with S.H.E

S.H.E with Jet Li

S.H.E & Fei Ge

Taiwanese actor Mike He with S.H.E

HIM Music artists S.H.E, Jade Liu & Power Station

Jade Liu with the three girls

Ethan Ruan appeared in S.H.E’s “An Jing Le” MV

Judy Zhou with S.H.E

S.H.E with model Eddie Peng


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