Cinderella’s Sister

5 Jul

I was not a fan of Moon Geun Young till I watch this drama. She is sooo good in potraying the role of stubborn, miserable Eun-Joo. The drama starts off well too though it gets more depressing as it progresses. Other than Moon Geun Young, another factor that attracts me to finish watching this drama is also because I was curious as to how Chun Jung Myung & Moon Geun Young’s characters will eventually end up. Both have got great chemistry and it doesn’t help that they’re good-looking too:p  Oh, one thing…I cringe whenever Seo Woo appeared on screen because she looks scary…I’m sorry but don’t you guys think so too?

Drama press-conference:

All the main casts on Happy Together:


Radio promotions:

Drama stills:

On-screen pics:

Off-screen pics:

Can you spot Geun Young?

Celebrating Geun Young’s birthday on the set.

Drama’s Wrap Party:

Cinderella’s Sister MV (eng sub):



One Response to “Cinderella’s Sister”

  1. Steve August 30, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

    I loved this show! MGY is a great actress!

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