2NE1 Fans!! (Part 2)

29 Sep

Check out who else are Blackjacks among the celebs!!

1) FT Island Lee Hongki

F.T Island’s lead singer Lee Hongki recently revealed on his twitter that he’s a fan of 2NE1′s Park Bom.

On April 27th, Hongki tweeted the following message:

기분꿀꿀 박봄씨 you and i 들엇음 역시 박봄씨목소리좋음 팬임

“Feeling down. Listening to Park Bom’s “you and i”. Her vocal is good, I’m a fan.”- credit: gokpop.com

Translation of video above:

The host that there many girl groups debuting nowadays, and that If the members were to choose a particular girl group that they like, which would they choose.

Lee Hong Ki (FT Island): Lately I’ve been really liking Park Bom of voice.

Member: Park Bom?

Hong Ki: Yes, so I really like Park Bom’s vocals.

Host: I see. So you like 2NE1′s Park Bom.

Hong Ki: The voice.

Host: *laughs* just the voice…

Hong Ki: *laughs* I like everything but I like her voice the most.

credit: http://www.lp2ne1.com/2011/06/22/864/



2) Park Tae Hwan




3) Jung Il Woo

Actor Jung Il Woo expresses how he hasn’t forgotten about 2NE1′s Sandara Park!

During one of his interviews with a magazine, Jung Il Woo was asked, “Among the girl groups, who would you like to invite to your fan meeting?” To that, Jung Il Woo replied, “I was once in a drama with Sandara Park. If I get the chance, I want to invite 2NE1.”

Jung Il Woo had met Sandara Park, before her debut, through the drama “Return of Iljimae”. In the drama, Sandara had a one-sided love with Jung Il Woo and had received a lot of attention from the viewers. -credit: allkpop

Video at 5:31


On Jung Il Woo’s feature video, there was a segment where he was asked questions. He mentioned Dara in this question:

Q. What’s the song you like to listen recently?

A. Since I worked together once with 2NE1′s Sandara, I enjoy listening I am the Best


4) Skull

Skull, who is releasing a new EP called “Korean Reggae” from a long hiatus recently tweeted that he likes 2NE1.

Clicky~!He is regarded as one of the respected and noted reggae artists in Korea. He was also YG family! He was part of a reggae duo called Stony Skunk under YG Entertainment with none other than E. Knock (KUSH) who produced many of 2NE1′s songs such as Stay Together, I Don’t Care, In the Club, It Hurts, Clap Your Hands and Don’t Stop the Music.-credit:  http://www.lp2ne1.com/2011/05/28/article-2ne1-is-popular-among-other-celebrities/ 


5) 8eight’s Baek Chan

credit: http://letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/me2day110514-8eights-baek-chan-2ne1-is-cool/


6) Han Hyo Joo

Actress Han Hyo Joo presented an award to 2NE1 at the 2011 MNet Asian Award and she admitted she is their fan!!!



7) Kat Graham

During an interview with a magazine from the Netherlands, Kat was asked the question, “What are songs do you listen to in order to have a great night?” She replied, “I love the Korean girl group 2NE1. If I were to be having a great time, then it would have definitely begun with their songs.”

n October 6th, Kat Graham tweeted a link to 2NE1′s “I Am The Best” music video to a friend, stating, “I’m going to need you to tweet that amazing Korean pop music video lol! Watch this one too.”

Shortly after her first tweet, it seems she discovered Perez Hilton‘s K-Pop posts and expressed her excitement over the revelation. “OMG dyinggg! Apparently I’m not the only one obsessed with K-Pop! So amazeballs!!!,” she exclaimed.

Her co-star and the lead actress of the show, Nina Dobrev, also shared a link to 2NE1′s music video on October 7th, stating, “These chicks are pretty amazing. Badass!”

To which Kat Graham replied, “Korean pop baby!” -credit: allkpop


8) Im Joo Hwan

YG Back-up Dancer Kwon Young Deuk then replied to Im Joo Hwan’s twitter with kekeke to which Im Joo Hwan replied Hehehe


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