2NE1 & other celebs

2 Oct

2NE1 seen here with Park Kyung Lim when they appeared on her radio show.

(29 more pics)

On another radio show with Hyun Young

2NE1 on Syukira with Super Junior Lee Teuk & Eun Hyuk.

2NE1 with Yoo Hee Yeol after their performance on Sketch Book.

With Kang Hye Jung & Han Chae Young in the movie Girlfriends.

2NE1 Dara with Park Han Byul.

CL with Miss A’s Min during her pre-debut days…..

Minzy with (fx) Amber at Nolza concert.

Park Bom with 2006 Miss Korea, Honey Lee at Nolza Concert

Other Japanese celebrities at 2NE1’s Nolza Concert:

Ai Takahashi

AKB48 Yonezawa Rumi

Chan Kaba

Japanese girl group Dream

Kyary Pamyu

Murata Mari

Minzy with 4 minute’s So Hyun, SNSD’s Seo Hyun, Brown-eyed Girls’ Gain & Kara’s Kang Ji Young

Sandara Park with SNSD’s Sunny, Kara’s Goo Hara & Seungyeon.

Park Bom with 4 Minute’s Hyuna & Kara’s Nicole.

2NE1 Minzy with SHinee’s Taemin, B2st’s KiKwang, 2PM’s Chansung & WooYoung

Minzy with SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, actress Jeong Ryeo Won, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won & Shinee’s Key.

2NE1 Sandara Park with Christian Bautista

2NE1 with Thai singer Chin Chinawut

2NE1 & Ryu Shi Won in the drama Style.

Gymnast  Son Yeon Jae

Will.i.am from Blackeyed Peas with 2NE1.

Baseball pitcher Park Chan Ho attended 2NE1’s Nolzza concert in Japan with his family. 


One Response to “2NE1 & other celebs”

  1. 손연재 월드컵 May 7, 2013 at 5:08 am #

    찌라시 말이 맞을 수도 …그리고 애초에 결혼더 사랑해서 한게 아니고 애 생겨서 한 것 같던데..류사마가 알아주는 바람둥이라던디..훅가네.하긴 그동안 너무 젠틀한 척 가식을 떨었지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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