YG Family!!

2 Oct

YG artists rules!! Seen above is 2NE1 posing for a picture with Jinu after their Nolzza concert.

(43 more pics)

2NE1 members seen here shortly after Psy’s concert.

Minzy, CL, Taeyang & Jinu

2NE1 & Kang Hye Jung in the movie Girlfriends.

Sandara Park with YG actress Yoo In Na (who looks like one of the BEG members)

Sandara Park & Goo Hye Sun

Dara, Goo Hye Sun & Shinhwa

Dara, Goo Hye Sun & Seven

Another old pic…GD, Dara, Minzy, Taeyang, May Doni & Hyunseung

Minzy, Taebin, Jaeson Ma

2NE1 & Seven

Dara, Minzy, Seven & TOP

Daesung, Bom, Seven, Seungri, Minzy, Dara

Park Bom with TaeYang

Minzy & Gummy

Dara with Gummy

Gummy hugging Bom at th 2010 MNet Asian Music Awards

CL with the BIG BOSS, Yang Hyun Suk

2NE1 & Big Bang

CL with YG boys…1TYM, Jinusean & Se7en

YG Family….


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