Hwangbo & other Celebs

7 Nov

Hwangbo seen here with several celebs like Brian Joo, Kim Jong Min & Song Eun Yi.

(23 more pics)

Hwangbo with Yoo Jae Suk, Haha & Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

Young Hwangbo with Woo Yun Suk & Kim Sang Hyuk

Hwangbo on radio show with Epik High

At a wedding with Shimty, Song Eun Yi & KimYoung Chul

With boss Shimty

Celebrating her bday with Park Mi Sun, Shimty, Baek Bo Ram, Song Eun Yi  & Shin Bong Sun

Hwangbo with Kim Young Jae

JNC members? Sorry, not sure who they are:(

Hwangbo filming with Shinji, SES Shoo & Hong Soo Hyun

With one of her racer friends…

Hwangbo with Kim Ji Suk, Haha & Kim Jong Kook

Ricky Kim

Performing with Crown J at Creative Festival

At another radio show with her close friends

Hwangbo with professional pitcher Park Chan Ho

Hwangbo with gagman Noh Hung Chul


2 Responses to “Hwangbo & other Celebs”

  1. joen January 7, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

    i love Noh Hung Chul’s car ! 😀 so funny !

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