Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na

10 Jun

Oh well…who would expect Ji Hyun Woo to confess his love for Yoo In Na in front of everyone. It’s like watching a drama! But no matter what people said about him being rash and not thinking from In Na’s perspective with his public confession, DUDE IT”S HIS LIFE!!! Let him do whatever he wants! But it’s pretty sad if he really went into hiding after the confession due to the negative response from the media and some people. Hang on Ji Hyun Woo!!!!  Some are bashing YG saying that they are the one who don’t allow their artists to date. Heck, she’s 30! And even if YG release a statement saying that they are not dating, I won’t believe it for a second. After all, I was fooled by them all this while when they kept on releasing statement saying Se7en and Park Han Byul were just high school friends and that he’ s too busy to be dating. Yeah right!

Anyway, for our lovely InGwa couple, I hope you will have a lovely future together. For everyone, enjoy their pics!!! Look how happy they are together:)


His love confession to her:

Ji Hyun Woo’s reason for confession:

Ji Hyun Woo appeared on Yoo In Na’s radio show (eng sub):

On June 11, Ji Hyun Woo cleared all the rumors about his recent whereabouts on Twitter.

He wrote, “Aigo! Everyone’s so worried about me! I’m doing fine, I didn’t just vanish into thin air, so please stop worrying about me!” He also added, “Even when the exact same situation comes, I am going to do exactly what I did! Oh and also, people say that those who are too concerned about other people never turn out to be great, so please, cut me a slack. Let’s be happy together!”

credit: http://www.soompi.com/2012/06/11/ji-hyun-woo-talks-about-his-surprise-confession-to-yoo-in-na-on-twitter/


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