Oh Yeon Seo+ CN Blue’s Min Hyuk

19 Oct

I really love this couple!!! Oh Yeon Seo & Min Hyuk in the drama “You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly”!! They are too adorable but I’m not satisfied that they don’t have a lot of interaction as much as I would like them to. Min Hyuk is 4 years younger than Yeon Seo but they are able to get along well with one another!! He’s so cute when he appeared jealous when she was talking about her ex-bf on Happy Together! She totally love that kinda guy!

First off, I have been waiting for Yeon Seo to get her big break since 2007. It only came 5 years later through this drama and later…We Got Married. For the latter, I really love her character even more!!! She is different and unique than those who have appeared on the show…pretty but intimidating….sadistic but cute hahaha. She kinda reminds me of Hwangbo. That was how awkward Hwangbo was when she initially joins WGM with Hyun Joong. He seems scared of her and did not open up to her only until later when they thought they have to be separated. And eventually they won the Best Couple Award.

I hope Yeon Seo will be able to be comfortable around Lee Joon….but for now, I still LOVE Yeon Seo + Min Hyuk Coupling!!!! Why can’t they be on WGM instead!

(more pics & videos of them)


At the Press-Conference of the drama:

Drama Stills:

Screencaps from the drama:

Screencaps from the drama:

And oh.I love this part where Min Hyuk was just staring at her and when she looked at him quizzically, he grinned *melts* 

Then he gave this smile while biting his lips! I wonder what he was thinking! Is he falling for her or thinking how pretty she is:p

During Interview:

When the cast appeared on Happy Together, Min Hyuk showed his jealousy by touching Yeon Seo’s hands as if asking her to stop when she was talking about her ex-boyfriend.

He even tried to protect her using his hands during the water game.

The guys were about to give Yeon Seo a piggyback ride after she did her aegyo and look where Min Hyuk’s hands were, trying to prevent her from going. 

Watch the cast of the drama on Happy Together here! Eng sub:









Meeting each other again at the 2012 K Drama Star Awards in December:




Some articles:




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