Heo Yi Jae [Commercials]

19 Dec


Photos of actress Heo Yi Jae’s endorsements & commercials.Man, miss her lots! She had so much potential especially after she joined YG! What a waste!

(39 more pics)

Shooting commercial for Lotte Leaf Pie in 2006

Lotte Pie

Lotte Pie 1


lotte pie 2

Trying out costume 7

Commercial for Green Tea in 2006

Green Tea

Commercial for LG Telecom in 2009


LG Telecom 11

LG Telecom 12

LG Telecom 17

LG Telecom 18

LG Telecom 19

LG Telecom 20

LG Telecom 13

Heo Yi Jae wearing sponsored clothes

Inkigayo shoes

inkigayo dress

hang ten LGT CF

On Sang Sang Plus

on set of single papa in love

purple cart

random pics

Shoot 7

Shoot 10

Showing bag

Showing shoes 1

Showing Shoes

Trying out costume 1

Trying out costume 2

Trying out costume 3

Trying out costume 5

Trying out costume 6

Trying out costume 8

Trying out costume 9

trying out costume 10

trying out costume 11

trying out costume 12

Trying out costume

Shoot 6


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