My Sincere Thoughts on JoonSeo

12 Feb


*Please respect my opinion. I am a supporter of both of them.

I was like other JoonSeo shippers all over the world. Hurt. Terribly. When MBC ended their time on the show. I still cry when I watch their last episode. They have soooo much potential to create more beautiful, sweet memories together!

Then, I began to watch all their previous episodes before the scandal after I was able to gain back my sanity.  Before this, I wondered whether Joon has feelings for her. Her feelings for him is obvious. But he seems to not open up his heart yet. ONLY through the Hawaiian episode was I able to realize his feelings for Haetnim. But the previous episodes before their honeymoon, when I watched it again, I began to notice Haetnim’s expression. Some may think that the bridge episode is romantic but I never felt that way. She tried to tell him that she wanted to text him but deleted those messages. Though she did manage to tell him, initially he did not ask about it more instead wanting to change the topic by saying “Oh….I did not hear what you just said. I thought you are going to say that you have something at your back” (or something along those lines). After she told him, his reply was “Are you in a one-sided love?” whichin my opinion is not enough for Haetnim who truly likes Joon but felt ignored despite her attempts to get to know him. She even said she felt distant from him and he just smiled, but  when she said it though she smiled, you can feel her sadness.

The episode after the bridge, they were talking before his mum came. She again asked him why he always seems busy when she texted or called him. Then later she asked him how many children he wants to have. After saying 4, he then continued that now is not the time for him to be thinking about such things as he is not ready and he feels weird talking about such things and asked her whether she feels the same to which she did not reply and just looked at him. That part, watch her reaction. She was looking at his expression closely and she looks sad when he said that. Then Joon was talking about cutting the umbilical cord of the baby but before that Haetnim said “We will still be couple until that time ” to which Joon barely said hmm before turning to the side to pick up the bear.

The honeymoon episode, he began to show his feelings for her but maybe it’s too late to turn around??

These are all based on my observations and assumptions. She made the move again and again but was rejected or the response was lukewarm from him. Maybe, she just decided to stop making the moves to approach him anymore outside the show and to just treat him as a friend. Maybe, she gave up her feelings on him. After all, she mentioned before that she is the type of girl who will make the first move when she is convinced of her feelings for a guy UNLESS she’s rejected. Maybe the episode after she met his mher she decided to move on with her feelings? That’s why she met Lee Jang Woo?

Also, to me, Haetnim is like an open book. Her feelings for Joon is obvious through her facial expression and actions. She complimented/ praised him sooo many times. Gave him her fav Lilo & Stitch pajamas. Treated him to dinner after his surprise appearance on Radio Star when Lee Joon told her that he is not paid for his appearance on the show. Bought for him and his mother couple sweatshirts. Attempted to make kimbap for Joon’s mum though she doesn’t know how to cook. Remembered what Joon mentioned on his radio & TV show appearances before. Watch his only live performance with HyunA. Remembered the exact date he made his debut which was in 2008 through Ninja Assassin and not 2009. Gave him the porcelain doll before they departed the show.

I know that Lee Joon mentioned before that he will never buy his girlfriend gifts because his thinking is that what is the purpose of buying her gifts if they are going to break up sooner or later. He said it will be different if that person is his wife and they are married. So, Haetnim just give and give without receiving a lot in return…….

And he told her on the show during their apology episode that he will protect her. Well, I guess that part must be scripted cuz look what he did. I think anyone who read his fancafe post would immediately think that he’s referring to WGM and Oh Yeon Seo. Even if you think and reread the posts again and again and like me who initially denied that the post wasnt made for her eventually realised one day it was for her. “I can’t act out lies that are obvious” “I don’t want to fool people anymore”

People were forgetting the scandal slowly and he had to post that….kicking her when she’s already on the ground and was about to slowly get up. Sorry Lee Joon. I can’t see you in a positive light after that post. That was selfish. Thinking only of your own emotions without considering the impact on other people who used to care/ cared about you. I hope Yeon Seo would emerge from this much stronger and successful than ever before.

We will never know the truth. Sorry for my rantings. I’m still “healing”. LOL


2 Responses to “My Sincere Thoughts on JoonSeo”

  1. i love joonseo couple too >< they make me smile always. i still cry when i watch last episode too. thanks for share your pics about them 🙂 joonseo forever !!

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