Fujii Mina Interview Photos 1

12 Nov


Fujii Mina Interview photos for Cuvism Magazine.

(9 more pics)










Some excerpts from interview (may not be accurate though)

-First thing the reporter said to her when they met was “Wow…You are beautiful!”

-She was casted in TXQ PV after 3 years of debut. She said it was”accidental” and that was her first time working with Koreans.

-Reporter praised her saying she’s good in Korean.

-She received the script for King of Drama, 10 minutes before the audition.

-She was asked whether she’s more comfortable speaking or reading / writing  in Hangul. She said speaking though she’s a lot better at reading / writing now.

-In King of Drama, she had many scenes with Kim Myung Min but her only scene with Jeong Ryeo Won was in Fukuoka. She expressed her wish to meet her in other works.

-Her parents support and cheer her on in her career. She was surprised that her parents watched her appearance on Strong Heart through the Internet.

-She likes fantasy genre for movies.  She watched Song Joong Ki’s film “Wolf Boy” and empathised with his character who cannot express his emotions well and was impressed by his facial expression

-She listened to many of Browneyed Soul songs

-She loves Johnny Depp and has picked Son Ye Jin’s film “Alone in Love” as one of her favourite


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