Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 1

12 Nov

196637_13539_5727Fujii Mina & Lee Hongki for Global We Got Married, attending the press conference as well as Mina’s surprise appearance at Hongki’s film “Passionate Goodbye” press conference.

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Excerpts from press-conference, credit SandraDiaz@soompi

Watching the press conference again but this time in absolute concentration. I actually want to point out a few statements Hongki made as he was interviewed

Q. What was your first impression after meeting your wife?

A. First of all, i was surprised because she was so pretty. When i met her i was shy and since i gain a lot of weight, i was losing my confidence

Q. Hong ki, since Mina is a little older than you, how do you feel?

A. Since the setup is about marriage and Mina is so innocent, i can’t act as when am in a romantic relationship with a girlfriend. I don’t want to hurt her. She has an influence on me to become innocent and sensitive. It’s a healing experience and it feels i have become pure.

Q. Do you have any regret about the marriage?

A. No i don’t. We are very close and we enjoy our time together

Q. What is your dream marriage

A. I always want to marry a woman who has an opposite characteristics with me so that she can fill up the gap which i am lacking. And since i didn’t do so much of study because i am into music, i want my wife to be very intelligent and caring to the family. I also dream about being able to go on a tour with my family hoping that the tour will become a journey or going on an ordinary trip with my family

Q. What is the difference between your dream marriage and now?

A. I have never been married before so i wouldn’t know the difference but the point is that i always think about her

Press Conference of Passionate Goodbye













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