Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 4

2 Dec


For this part 4, I tried to take screenshots of Hongkimina moments when they were walking /sitting beside each other. So…holding hands, linking arms, yahada yahada moments keke. While watching everything to take the screenshots, I still feel giddy watching them. And at some parts, still felt my heart fluttering though I’ve watched the same thing so many times. That’s the power of this two lovebirds!

(see more pics)

Their first ever holding hands together. Both were shy but Mina somehow intertwined their fingers instead of the normal handholding. I have to applaud her for making the bold move first though she’s shy. I think she is the type of person who finds it easier to convey her feelings through actions.


If I could be in Hongki’s thoughts, I bet he’s thinking “Her hands are so soft…” keke


Holding hands after Hongki’s proposal


The first time they held hands without anyone asking them to. Mina was surprised by Hongki’s handholding as they usually walk side by side without any physical contact before this. I guess by this episode, Hongki already feel protective and maybe fondness for her as from this episode onwards, whenever they walk next to each other, there’s always physical contact.




And then of course, the handholding when BTOB Ilhoon was doing his gwiyomi. This part maybe is to remind Mina that Hongki is still there and not to be too into Ilhoon keke



I like this part too when Hongki hold her hands and led her to her seat in the car…even asking her to be careful of her legs. They are so natural in holding hands within one episode already!


Honeymoon in Okinawa, for the pic below, I love how Hongki held Mina’s hands to guide her when she was touching the door uncertainly. It’s kinda like “It’s alright. I’m here to guide you” handhold.



These two looked so natural holding hands and walking despite people watching them film.


I like this part where after they let go of each other’s hands to look at the mike, Hongki turned back to the front and naturally reached out his hands for Mina’s.


I have seen many couples in WGM, but Mina is one of the few who is actually quite bold in doing skinship..the way she always put her arms around Hongki’s waist when Hongki put his on her shoulder.


And another moment showing Mina’s boldness. When the PD asked them about their shirt, Mina put her arms around Hongki first before Hongki did the same. In my mind, there was just this split second where Hongki looked at her in surprise though he kept it hidden well.


Ahh…they were so close!




This handholding gives off a different vibe somehow. This couple like to intertwine their fingers and this shows their intimacy and comfort with one another  as compared to the normal handhold. And then Mina caressing his hand with her thumb…Kya!


Even for the making, they are still walking arm-in-arm!


Love this part where he held Mina’s hands and led her to the front to take photos with him.


And this, where he had his hand behind Mina’s back as he led her to meet his co-stars. Somehow I’m sure she feels more secure with that in an unfamiliar environment.


Looking much like a married couple…



And I absolutely love the skinship in the last 2 episodes!!!


Love possessive Hongki who told Mina twice not to do the wave. But Mina still continued doing it and Hongki turned behind to see who was looking…


possessive01b_tumb_zpsea7d185c possessive02b_tumb_zpsa82fd1af

In the making, the PD was asking them questions and Hongki answered…Fast forward….


Suddenly they are so close to each other…ignoring the crowd


And the yahada moments…sitting side by side…they still have to link arms and hmm..legs?


Thanks to the heart shaped bench, they are seated soooo close kekeke



He can’t miss the chance to touch Mina even after she stood up:P


A couple in love ♥


And ahhh….the sad part…



As I was taking the screenshot for this part, I noticed that after Hongki put his arms on Mina’s shoulder, he pulled her in closer to him  till their hips touched^^



Final Episode!!!


Hongki comforting Mina


Still holding hands after filming


I like this part where Mina caressed Hongki’s shoulders as if trying to comfort him too in her own way




How he gently had his arms around Mina and led her away from the nosy crew!



Mina touched by Hongki’s event for her…


Look how Hongki look at Mina so tenderly…..*melt*


Just date you two! So you don’t have to let go of each other’s hands.




Ahhh…they look so miserable!!! Someone just locked them up together!! keke



Found this somewhere for your reading pleasure:)

1.Holding hands: “I feel comfortable on your side” This form is most often seen. In any condition in any place and any situation, he felt comfortable at your side. Meaning in other words, he’s not shy and unsure of his choice.

2.Holding hands: “I love you and I’m yours” Fingers intertwined with each other mutually. Yup, if he’s holding your hand like this, it means he wants to prove that he really care about you and you do not want to let go.

Fingers Intertwined

If your fingers are intertwined, you are feeling emotionally and physically connected as a couple. In this case, your fingers should be interlocked. If you are feeling completely in sync, you are likely to choose this hand-holding style.

Body language experts claim that this hand-holding style is more common at the end of a date than at the beginning. After a romantic evening or gesture, it is quite likely that your fingers will be intertwined to demonstrate your closer connection.

If you notice that your fingers are consistently intertwined, it may be a sign that this relationship is going to go the distance.


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