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Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 4

2 Dec


For this part 4, I tried to take screenshots of Hongkimina moments when they were walking /sitting beside each other. So…holding hands, linking arms, yahada yahada moments keke. While watching everything to take the screenshots, I still feel giddy watching them. And at some parts, still felt my heart fluttering though I’ve watched the same thing so many times. That’s the power of this two lovebirds!

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Oh Yeon Seo & Minho

2 Dec


Oh Yeon Seo with her co-star Shinee’s Minho in the 2013 MBC drama Medical Top Team.

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2NE1 & other celebs

30 Nov


2NE1 with posed with other celebs for photos backstage. Seen here with Big Bang  G Dragon & Taeyang.

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Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 3

16 Nov


After watching the show, I realised Hongki is someone who hides things well. However, there are certain situations where he cannot hide his emotions well and one way is to observe his eye-stares towards his partner. See more proof below! hehe

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Fujii Mina & Other Celebs

13 Nov


Fujii Mina with Jang Geun Suk for Every Little Thing PV “Moon” & “Star” back in 2011.

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Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 2

13 Nov


Fujii Mina and Lee Hongki wedding pictorial.

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Fujii Mina+Lee Hongki Part 1

12 Nov

196637_13539_5727Fujii Mina & Lee Hongki for Global We Got Married, attending the press conference as well as Mina’s surprise appearance at Hongki’s film “Passionate Goodbye” press conference.

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