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Sandara Park-Etude House CF

9 Aug

2NE1’s Sandara Park with SHINee for Etude House Lash Perm with a Barbie Doll concept.

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Sandara Park & SHINee CF

20 May

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Bright Bright Dara:)

14 Jan

Beautiful Dara already has her dating ban lifted this year! Fanboys please queue!!

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Sandara Park’s Selca

4 Jan

Dara’s selca with her wearing beanies, caps etc on her head!!! Still cute!!

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Sandara & Hero Angeles

3 Jan

Hero Angeles was once rumoured by the Korean press to be Sandara Park’s ex-boyfriend but the fact is, he was only Sandara’s love team back in the Philippines where both of them were paired together in films, dramas & variety shows. So that explains their closeness.

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Short-haired Dara

20 Dec

2NE1’s fresh vocal Sandara Park with her cute bob!!! Can you believe she’s already27???!!

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Dara Park & Joseph Bitangcol

7 Dec

Sandara Park with her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Bitangcol. They started dating since the middle of 2005 till around 2007. It’s nice to see her so comfortable around  a guy & they looked great together. I bet you all those fanboys of Dara would die to be in Joseph’s position. Haha. But I hope whoever she dates in the future won’t cheat on her! They’d be damned if they do it!!

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